Girls in my age bracket-are you turned off by a young bald guy-even if he shaves? Brutal honesty?

I lost my hair young at 17 so I shave it all bald. Skinhead style. I look okay but I am pale nothing I can do about that (skin type doesn't even tan) anyway I always hear 'oh women won't care when they get older' key word 'older' why should I miss out on young love? Why should I miss out on dating in my 20's and girls the same age or younger? Hell I want to be married by 25 to a girl about my age. And yeah even though I'm bald I got high standards, I wouldn't dare a girl who wasn't physically attractive like a 7 or 8 to give an idea. Anyway be honest are most young women turned off by bald? This study says so what do you think? Please be honest and give details..

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  • Sorry but honestly most women in their early 20's are turned off by baldness, combined with your standards you probably will have to wait like some say.
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  • Baldness isn't that big of a problem to young women, even 18-24, you can still be physically attractive to many even given your high standards you probably won't have to wait years like you're worried about to date.
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That's me, also it's ridiculous hair matters so much. It's an accessory nothing more.


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  • Listen I remember being your age like it was yesterday and yes it is kind of weird just as gray hair would be. I think razor shaving it is a good option BUT the reason I responded is to tell you that if you want to do that for now that's okay but quit at some point.

    I strongly suggest no later than 24 you embrace your natural head of hair and let it grow a little. Stay in shape, maybe you have nice face features like eyebrows. Be good at what you do. Once you are out of school attractiveness is more about how you carry and take care of yourself.

    I was weirded out by bald at 20 but by 23 certain men carried it well. Somehow it even made them more attractive because it's like, damn. He's hat attractive even without a full head of hair AND when I try to picture them with more hair it doesn't look as good.

    Don't dwell, it's still better than being fat. Also I would never want to date the 20 year old me that was like weird about bald guys. Honestly if I knew any of them better it wouldn't have been weird but it is unusual so I didn't.

    • No I'm already shaved bald not ever growing it out. You think most women agree with you? Most young women don't like it? So basically you're saying dating young is out, dating hot young women is out (as my standards are high and rather die than lower them) and that getting a girl who finds me physically attractive id out aa bald makes me unattractive?

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    • Alright I guess, silence doesn't help people.

    • Looks matter period.

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  • You have the perfect shaped head to be bald with. I think it's a good look for you regardless of hairloss

    • I know I pull it off and appreciate the compliment man I just worry how girls are going to take it and clearly no hair regardless is bad I don't know, you think I'll have much of a probably with girls this young?

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    • I'd say you were in your teens still. Young face trumps hair or no hair.

    • Holy shit teens? I mean thanks I guess haha I've typically gotten 22-24 which is fine too I mean the blessing disguise here is that I know I look good bald already and hair is one of the biggest aging things there is indication wise so if I look young now unless I wrinkle awfully o something I'll stay looking 18-24 ish for a long time even middle aged. (My metabolism is through the damn roof so I'm not worried about gaining weight plus I work out so yeah haha fingers crossed on the non wrinkling though)

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  • You've asked this before.
    Some options for you;
    1) Go out with an older woman.
    2) Wait till your older.
    3) Lower your standards.
    4) Make sure you have something to offer besides looks like interests, sense of humour, ambition, sucess.

    • 1-how old you talking? Oldest id go is a girl 2 years older so 22 is the oldest.
      2-is honestly eat a billet before lowering standards, so no a girl has to be 7-8 range for me to date her period.
      3-I do have things going for me but girls still don't care and say no to bald.
      4-not waiting, you inplyb30's? Why should I have to wait and miss out on young women in their 20's? No I want to be married by 26 so no not an option.

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    • I don't have money but I know I am supportive and I do great surprising things for people I care about, however she needs looks and to be young for me to care for her in this way so you see my point,

    • You never really did answer any of my questions.

  • Bald guys are not hot at all sorry in fact it ruins a guys potential. But , i'm sure some girl might like it


      There's me, so basically I'm unattractive now you're saying? Which is bull a fat girl can use a treadmill a bald guy can do nothing about no hair.

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    • You're way out of HER league


      Okay here's a better pic of her, seriously this girl is super attractive are you just trolling me right now? She's way out of my league!

  • If you want brutal honesty, I'd need to see a picture of you or someone who looks like you. Some guys can pull off the bald look really well, and some guys don't look as good. It just depends. I have to admit, I do like guys with a head full of hair that I can run my hands through or pull on, but that doesn't mean being bald is a deal-breaker.

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    • Sorry, I'm not on here often. Yeah, you look attractive. I think you pull it off.

    • You're fine haha I just always get cautious with anon when they don't reply. Anyway I hope your being honest here. So would you date a guy who looked like me? I get like you said perfect hair is a preference but would still say yes to a guy who otherwise looked good like me as you say?

      Also given how I pull it do you think I'll have much problem dating young around my age? Like I said I'm only 20. Not really interested in older girls no offense but you get what I mean. Do you think most 18-22 yr old girls would turn the other way given my bald head or you think I pull it off decent enough I shouldn't have a problem (remember I got high standards myself on a girls looks so factor that haha) also did you vote?

      Sorry for all the questions but just figured I'd like them all together for when ever you get back on haha.

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  • Where im from , 80% of young guys seem to be bald or trimmed real close. It seems to be the nations favourite haircut. And they do have hot females. Soo... Here, youd be okay. I don't know about your place though..

    • Clearly these women disagree 😔

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    • I see, anyway you don't think it's as high as this stupid site makes it out to be? Even for young women?

    • Yeah i dont think so.. This site blows some statistics way out of proportions..

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