Why won't he fb message me?

So I am 100% sure this guy likes me.. i know he tried to talk to me and smile at me multiple times but too nervous come and talk to me. Our class ended now.. So i fb friended him because i thought he would fb message me. But he just accepted my friend request but never message me. Is he expecting me to message him first since i sent him the friend request?


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  • He obviously digs u, if u like him back, help him a bit by messaging him first

  • Yes, you should message first...
    But after some time.

    • but why won't he message me first? is it because i friended him?

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    • he's actually very outgoing with guys and girls but im the only one he's shy with. Should i message him first?
      Would you expect the girl you like to message you first if she friended you first?

    • Yes... if I send you a friend request , it's my responsibility to initiate the first contact.
      That's how dating works.
      Gud luck

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