He sometimes takes ages to text me back (like a week) and it bothers me. Should I confront him about it or just give him the same treatment?

He is my crush but we are also friends. A pretty close friends. And he knows I like him. We met 3 months ago.

  • Talk to him nicely about it
  • Talk to him not so nicely about it
  • Give him the same treatment
  • Be cold/uninterested
  • Don't show that it bothers me and act like nothing is wrong
  • Delete him and move
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  • Girl, if your needs are not met in any situation, you go forward and make the issue known. You stand to gain nothing by sitting idly and waiting for the slim chance that things could fix themselves.


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  • Being you are friends Here, Dear, Jokingly tell him that it might be Nice as Spice to Hear from him More than 'Like a week,' It seems he just falls off the Edge of the Earth When... He sometimes takes ages to text me back.
    Many Toms Today are Lousy Texters. Believe me, I have experienced this More than once. However, When I play a bit of hard ball, Sometimes I have Found, That when I am not Pushing buttons on my own Friend End, They Begin Their own Beguine Of... Hi, How are you?
    You could try Something like this, Should he find a lame duck excuse in his own Explanations.
    What is Good for the Goose, Should be Good for the Gander.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Just explain why it annoys you, but you can't make him change his behaviour. If your needs or expectations aren't being met, then you don't have to put up with it.

  • You need to move on.. he obviously doesn't feel the same

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