22 year old guy dating a 18 year old girl?

I'm an 22 year old college student and she's an 18 year highschool student. I like her and she likes me but I have my doubts because even though she comes across very mature i'm afraid the gap between a college student and a highschooler may be too much. And that when she goes to college a year from now that she might change too much. Although I must say the difference between college and highschool is much smaller in my country compared with the USA.
-Drinking and clubbing age is 18 in my country, so it's not like a whole new world is going to open when she's going to college, which is the case in the USA because there the drinking age is set at 21.
-Most people going to college in my country still live at home, because living on our own is way to expensive and our country is tiny so travelling isn't that much of a big deal.
-We live like an hour from eachother, going to college doesn't change the distance (we live in a very small country).

My question is, do you think I should give it a shot, keeping in mind that when she graduates highschool she might change a lot...


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  • When I went to college after HS I stopped even looking at HS girls.

  • That's completely fine man

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