When to go for the kiss?

Went out with a girl once, only hug, no kiss. If I were to ask her out again, when should I go for the kiss? Is second date too fast?


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  • The second date, third date rules or whatever doesn't matter. Its about the connection you have with her. If the connection was really great on the first date and it felt right then a kiss couldve happened on the first date.

    If you feel the connection is good and feel like its the right moment then you can go for a kiss.

    Dont just launch in out of the blue. It has to be built up to that moment. Do it slowly so just get close to her and back off and two steps forward and one back.

    Have a moment of pause and stare into each others eyes. This moment is a classic just before a kiss and the girl will know its going to happen so she will have time to turn away which says she isn't ready yet. If she holds eye contact then you can move slowly in. This still gives her time to absorb the situation and reject it if she feels uncomfortable. If she stays then the kiss is on.

    If she rejects you the first time dont worry and try again later. Just build the sexual tension and make the kiss amazing. Im sure she will love it.

    • I was thinking if I don't go for the kiss on second/third dates, she may think I'm not so into her, and soon or later gimme the lets just be friends speech.

    • I would say a kiss to be within the first three dates. If it hasn't happened by fourth date then i would be worried.

    • Hmm I still got two more chances to go :p

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  • The moment you feel like going for a kiss you should go for a kiss.


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  • Maybe hug her at the end, then lean in looking at her and glancing at her lips, she'll know what's happening and she'll either let you or not. Then kiss da girl.

    Or if there's any time when you are close to her, and you face her, well (continue with what's mentioned above).

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