Do girls offer to pay less on dates if they think the guy earns more than them?

Just wanted to ask a question to the general population:

Are there some girls out there who don't offer to pay on dates if they think the guy earns more than they do? I'm having trouble distinguishing between that and just girls who kind of expect to be treated.

The thing is that I work in finance which is stereotyped as being a role that makes you rich (and to slightly exploit that aura, I've featured it in my dating profiles) however I'm very far from buying Porsches with my bonus or anything like that.

However in that period I've kind of noticed that girls who do jobs that generally pay less than finance (not that a salary comparison ever comes up in conversation or anything like that) rarely if ever offer to pay. On the other hand a few lawyers I've dated (i. e also ones who earn a good salary) always insist on paying their share and do.

Am I just letting myself be taken advantage of? I don't mind paying for dates and even more than she does but it is not a cheap activity and I would like them to contribute too if they are earning money of their own.


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  • I make way less than the guy I'm dating and always pay my share. Unless he specifically offers to pay.

  • My boyfriend makes way more money than I do but our general rule is we switch back and forth paying for when we have food delivered or picked up to take to the house, but if we actually go out, whoever brought up the idea for the date pays (like if I want to see a movie with him I offer to pay; if he wants to watch a certain movie, he offers). However, he tends to keep it old school and pay for our dates anyway.

    My dad has always told me to make sure the guy pays though because it is gentlemanly. So girls might just expect to be treated and being asked to go dutch makes the man seem cheap.


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