So, I have this girl as a friend, whom I want to be with. She already has a boyfriend and is well aware of my feelings. What should I do?

So, she talks for hours to me and her talks often involves some sort of future planning as if we owned the house. And she is aware I mean all the things. Recently she raised this question - "Why you are trying all this when you know I am in a healthy relationship with my boyfriend, and you might not get a chance'.

She would often get upset when I would compliment a girl, be it her friend. Her friends share those texts with her. And she would have a instant turn off mood.

She would also avoid bringing her boyfriend talks in front of me, since she knows those things hurt me.

What is she trying to do? Should I move on, or wait for a bit more time?


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  • Never ever mess with a girl with a boyfriend, it brings u nowhere except pain. Keep ur cool, keep ur distance, and don't talk to her unless she reaches out. Remaining friends with someone u like is a disrespectful act to yourself. U deserve someone who is head over heels in love with u, not a chick like this who just wants ur attention.


  • move on