How to make a first move?

So me and this guy i use to work with have been spending more alone time together, we go out sometimes have a few drinks or just chill at his, last night we ended up getting very drunk and we admitted we liked each other as more then a friend, how he use stare at me and smile in work times, i told him he probably won't remember admitting any of this in the morning, he said he would do, and was on about taking me near enough down London to a theme park and getting hotel for a night for a first official date. He admitted that first time we slept together it meant more then just sex to him. He is first guy who can see through all my lies and mind games and knows how defensive i can be. He did have a crush on me first we met but because he started dating other girls i thought he had moved on and maybe he has. But i have no idea of how to bring it up now, because i do want to date him but i don't know if remembers last night or not, and if he does will he deny saying it.

Actually no advice needed! He brought it up and ended up asking me on but going take things slow! So excited!


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  • Straight up say, "A while ago, you said that you liked me as more than a friend. I'm curious to know if you still feel that way now." If he says yes, then tell him you would like to start a relationship with him. That you still have feelings for him too.

    • Crap, I stopped reading before the part where you said you didn't want to date. Scratch out the asking him out part.

    • Nm miss read again, epic fail. XD

    • That was one of the best opinion comments i've ever seen! i laughed so hard

  • You should let him be. After all, you lie to him and you use mind games to control him.

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