Missed chance to talk in person, she showed up on social media in "people you may know".. I want to be upfront and ask her out for a drink/dinner?

Hi people, I asked a similar question and people thought it was creepy. Nonetheless, I want your TRUE answers.

I find a girl at work very attractive and I spent most of my time just saying hello in the morning. Couldn't ever talk to her in private or ask her out in person.

Now that my company has moved sites, I no longer see her. She has popped up on "people you may know" and I wanted to send her a message. This is my draft, what do you think?

Please help me out. Like I said, I missed my chance to talk in person but she did seem to be showing signs of interest.


Hi Her_Name!

Just saw your profile pop up through "who you may know".

Never actually had a chance to properly talk to you at work, but I will take a chance... not creepy at all... Can't believe I'm doing this online!

Not going to lie, you caught my eye and seem like a very intelligent lady. Just thought that maybe you'd be interested in hanging out this weekend, to get to know each other a bit more? We can talk over a drink or two If you like, somewhere casual?

If the feeling is mutual and you're interested, let me know :)


Thanks dear Girls ask Guys community!


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  • i don't see anything creepy about the letter you've written. it's simple, but honest.

    worst-case scenario, she'll tell you that she's taken and/or not interested. at best, you'll gain a new friend or significant other, but you won't know unless you try.

    best of luck to you!



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  • Do you know anything about her? Like if she has a boyfriend/husband?

    • I'm afraid not, but from what I'm assuming, she would turn me down if she would have a partner.

      After all, a guy is not going to chase, if the girl won't let him.

    • True... Go for it. I wouldn't be creeped out as long as I've seen you & acknowledged you before.

  • Yup this is cute..

  • I think your letter is sweet but it is trying too hard. I would maybe keep it more simple and to the point


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