Is it wrong to tell him how I feel?

For several years now one of my used to be "close friends" liked a boy. I say "used to be" , as now we are nothing like as close as we have been for the 8 years of our friendship. Anyhow she liked him for around 3 years and I tried to support her in that. For the past year she has moved on (they never properly dated but things went down hill between them- he expressed a strong dislike for her) but I am still friends with him. She always expressed that she would never be happy with any of her friends getting close to him.

I have come to like him and I have reason to feel he is returing those feeling as of recent ( More light physical cues etc.). She has moved on and has liked other people since then , but I still have my doubts. I really want to tell him, and it isn't the end of the world if she dislikes me for that ( since we aren't that close anymore) , I'm just worried that I'm doing the wrong thing.

Me and him are really good friends but I want it to be more. I can't really walk away from the situation. Is it wrong to tell him and start somethng?


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  • If it's gonna make you happy then do it, focus on yourself Don't let it make you

    • Yeah I'm starting to feel that way now I think. We'll be going to different colleges come summer and I feel like I should take the chance while I can.
      Thanks for the advice :)
      P. S Cool profile pic ! It's nice to come across a fellow manga fan every once in a while :D

    • Oh the same. now that you are a manga fan I hope it works even more, tell me when you do

    • Thanks :D I will do !

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  • No, it's not wrong to tell him how you feel.

    • Thanks for the advice :)

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  • It is never wrong to tell some one how you feel.. and if they could care less.. its time to find some one who does care about your feeling's

    • I guess it wouldn't be wrong to tell him , I think I'm more afraid that if he feels the same then I'll get critisised for what will come after that. Don't get me wrong I want to be in a relationship like that with him , but other people and their views make it quite unnerving.
      Anyhow , thanks for the advice :D.

  • You probably always liked him and thats why you were such "good friends" ... another story of why straight men and women cannot friends.

    • I can't out rule that that could be the case ( I'm not sure since I became friends with him several years ago) . I have to disagree with you on the second part though. Most of my friends are boys and nothing has really happened like that between us... unless they've been keeping secrets ^^; hah.
      Thanks for the advice :)

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    • lol this wasn't towards you haha

    • Okay ^^;

  • not wrong at all, girls gotta learn to decide things for themselves not go by what their friends say to do, because its not the friends life, or business who you date or choose to be with, simple as that
    plus girls gotta stop going for guys only because their friends want them.

    • Yeah , I agree with you that girls should do what they want to without worrying about their friends opinions , but you know social pressures and customs are hard to go against more often than not.
      Thanks for the advice :) !

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