Girls, Girls 18-24 ONLY please, if you were dating a guy and he revealed he was wearing a wig, as he lost his hair young, would you be turned off?

I'm bald and I'm only 20, it's a long story about my condition but it's out of my control and there are no cures for hairloss. Now I've followed some of these other guys posts about hair loss and honestly they aren't exaggerating girls, I've been confident and humorous and successful yet attractive girls show no interest in me often saying its a shame I didn't have hair as they'd date me. So even with my confidence its clear hair matters more to you girls than some admit and also made me feel less bad about fat shaming that I or other men do as at the very least weight can helped hair cannot.

Anywau a I its been long enough and my standards are high enough I'm thinking on getting one of those professional wigs that mimic your real hair. They have salve to stay in place and do look convincing. Before I was against it however so many girls hate bald and only plain Janes or unattractive women have seemed interested that I thought you know it's no different than a girl getting hair extensions, or dyeing the hair-it's not their natural hair so why is a wig any different? Anyway of course I wonder how girls would respond to this. So girls in the requested range, if you were with a guy a couple months etc and found him attractive but he revealed he was bald (skinhead bald mind you) and took off a wig would you be turned off and leave him?

  • Girls over 24
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  • Yes it would turn me off a lot, it wouldn't work out I'd leave him
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  • It would turn me off a lot, I would try to continue with him but I wouldn't have physical attraction anymore
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  • No it wouldn't really be an issue, he would still be physically attractive to me
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  • I would date a guy with a shaved bald head so just stick with what you have, a bald guy can be very physically attractive
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I'm a Girl
I'm curious if those voting a wig wouldn't bug them if they would date the bald guy initially?
I don't know if I want to keep it shaved or not.


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  • I think you should do whatever you prefer. There 's nothing wrong with being bald, and also nothing wrong with wearing a wig.

    • So you would date a bald guy? Many say I rock no hair on here when I posted a rate me.

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    • You do see what I mean though? I get to me I notice it because I shave it everyday but still, you can clearly see its bare on top. You don't think it looks old or super noticeable? I guess are you saying the shadow itself isn't that noticeable?

    • Yes exactly

  • I wouldn't be turned off cause i had been with you for months I would have fallen in love with your personality too, so just because you don't have no hair, it wouldn't be strong enough to be a deal breaker.

    • I take it if I or another guy initially approached you bald (completely skinhead style) because we lost it that it would probably be a no go though?

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    • I mean if you've heard them directly say bald was bad tell me but like you said you said I look good bald so I think/ hope once they see me it's different.

  • I wouldn't leave him

    • Would you get with a guy who had a skin bald head to start with?

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    • Is he light skinned? No offense to anyone but it seems dark skinned guys get away with it whereas in the kind of white that doesn't tab even after months of sun.

    • He is white and is paler than snow