The sadness of knowing you will always be alone?

Knowing that you will be single and not dating is a hard thing.
When my ex left I thought well I will find someone new. Trouble is I don't like what's available to me. The hook up culture has made me distrustful of those who participated in it. Both the guys and the girls. How can people forget that cheaters can't be trusted?
So I just go about my life. Getting nice things, building a future. But for what? It's pointless without someone to share it with. My daily routine is just more "success " but is it really.
So while I can afford to do these things, it's become an art too. Everyday things get better. But I'm alone.
I'm better off then anyone I know, including family and friends. This gets awkward when they tell me their sad stories. But they could improve their lives they just dont. I stopped helping long ago. So now I'm the asshole because I don't give away what's mine.
They keep saying get a woman, but that's not easy. I'm shy. I don't just have sex. And most just want money.
So I'm alone.
How to fix this I don't know, but I'm not just going to find someone. Most don't like me these days.
This was my rant about being a good guy in a world that doesn't want nice people.

This question was about the social shift in how people go about relationships today.
It's not all about me.
It's observation.
I would've been considered a good catch if the way of things was like it was when I was younger. But even if I still am the available people in the world have different values.
This is about that


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  • Do you have friends?


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  • Don't worry Mike, you're not alone in the way you think.

    I've dismissed myself from the "cool" people simply because of the way they think; it's just not for me.

    I think the way you should approach dating is to take your time with the women your pursuing.

    If they can't seem to come up with anything intelligent and/or original in thought, then consider moving on from her.

    Good luck, bud.

    • Good advice. It's more about social shift of how things work today.
      It's not hard to find someone, it's just hard to find someone not shallow

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  • give yourself a slap in the face! its up you to find somebody else. yes the young ones are doing the same things they did when you were their age except: tech has made everything more accessable quicker than ever. so they can be talking to one while screwing another.

    there are the old fashioned way to meet people: by going to meet them or the internet. easy way to tell is if the address bar has a lock on it its a secure site for your credit card. there are even foreign brides or mail-order brides too. you have options even at your age stop acting like the world is ending: it isn't

  • Bruv you are wayy too old and experienced to complain about shit like this man... I fyou want love,, there is still time to find a woman. And there are many ways...

    • It's not about love it's about how much things have changed. The social shift.
      And there is no age limit to observation.

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    • I agree. That and technology

    • Yeah. One of these things i dont get is how often people cheat. I mean thats one of the most horrible things you can do. For me its up there in place 3, right after rape and murder. Its so casual now. Iys as if they dont even care about their partner. And People just take back their spouses after that sometimes...
      I admit i kinda have trust issues sometimes. I see this so often.. That sometimes i wonder if it even is worth it..
      Sometimes i just feel like i dont need all that bullshit and should just stay single and have sex occasionally

  • Start lifting. Srs.

  • It's gonna be okay