Like me, or just close friends?

This girl and I have been talking and getting to know each other for a while now. She went through some rough stuff, and I tried to be there for her, talk to her, and do whatever I could. Since then, she acts more flirty, touchy, texts me more, jokes more, and wants to be around me. Her friends seem to stare at me, and some have even added me on social media, especially her best friend. We also plan to hang out a lot over the summer (since summer has come near, and we are both graduating, and going to colleges relatively close, this has alls started).

However, there are times she puts on social media how she's looking for a guy, and how she wants to be with someone, ignores me, calls me dude/fam (weirdly though, she asked if I saw her message about being with other guys, and how she got "roasted" for putting that on social media). Any ideas?


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  • She is obviously trying to grab your attention. Being more flirty and touchy is just girl code for trying to get with you. As long as you know this isn't some sort of cruel joke her and her friends are playing, she's totally into you. Saying things like, have u seen my message about being single, is saying that she wants u to notice that she wants a man in her life and she wants it to be u. Best of luck my friend, if u dont make a move on her now shell be gone in college. Think of it, her being surrounded by thousands of other college boys? Shell be gone within a week unless u can seal this deal. Best of luck my friend, I know you'll win her heart 😉

    • So, what if I make a move over the summer? or is that too late?

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  • you are in the friendzone. sorry bro.

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