I'm confused, is she interested in me or not? I could have sworn she liked me?

I just asked a girl out. (Im in the same college as her) She said she is not in a great place right now and doesn't know exactly what she wants. She said she can only be friends for right now.
She gave clear signs in class that she was interested like asking me to get her backpack for her, touched me on the arm one time during a conversation, always smiles, used emojis over text and used haha as a laugh instead of the more casual lol, and lots more
Does she really just need some time to think about it or was she unaware that she was flirting with me this whole time as if she was interested? Also, the lets be friends for right now is confusing! Why say "for right now" is she interested but needs time or just wants to be friends?


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  • yeah she does needs some time to think. her previous break up is hard on her so she does needs some time.

    • But what do I do, things have gotten awkward and I don't know what to do. She seems scared to talk to me for the last week and I am too

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    • thanks bro, appreciate the advice. You know, you are a decentguy (😆)

    • no prob man, oh haha :)

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  • I don't think she is.

    • So you think she was just flirting with me as a friend if that's even a thing.. Recently she has seemed scared to talk to me in class and is always biting her lips and playing with her fingers like she is really stressed.

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