A sign I should go for it?

I have a girl who is in my college calculus class who I have had in my classes since elementary school. The thing is that now I have actually felt like I have started to really like her which in the past I never got a chance to. She did want to make sure we had the same class together which should count for something. I just don't know if knowing this girl for so long has an impact on how she feels about me? Obviously if she didn't like me she wouldn't talk to me by now right? She is very smart as she wants to be an engineer like me so I just don't know if that will counter each other's opinions to date one another? I just want to get some advice on this anyone care to ask something or give advice it would be awesome :)


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  • How does she act to you compared to other people, especially other guys? That's what I'd look at first, if you think she treats you differently to other guys that could be a major sign. Either way I'd just start flirting with her and look at her reaction, do that for a bit then if it's going good casually ask her out if that goes well ask her out again and ayo you're dating. I wouldn't just randomly go for it out of nowhere, I'd build up to it to make sure she feels the same way first.

    • Hey great advice! Taking time is always the right answer to making it work and to being sure! Just have to test the waters! Alright thanks for the positivity

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  • If you're interested you should go for it