22 Year Old Dating a 47 Year Old Man, What Should I Do?

I am 22 and I just started dating a 47 year old man. I am financially stable in my own right, and can pretty much afford anything I want on my own. I met this guy on Tindr, which I have never done before. Before we met up for a date, he had texted me things like "why would you be interested in a man as old as me?" and "I never really look for girls your age because they are looking for sugar daddies" I assured him that wasn't me which it isn't ---

We have been on three dates since meeting online, the first one being amazing, definitely a true gentleman and took me to a beautiful wine bar. The second date was casual and during the day at a great lunch spot, the third was at a nice restaurant, and the fourth is tomorrow.

I find this odd, the reason being, he brought up sugar daddies and questioning my intentions from the start but is taking me out for 100-300 dollar dinners and not acting cheap nor annoyed by me ordering or drinking what I want. He has not kissed me yet, nor have we had any intimate relationship, he always tells me how attractive I am and always asks about how i'm feeling and never leaves room for dull conversation. He has not ever been inappropriate with me regarding my body or any sex related subjects.

I don't really know what he is doing, so if anyone is older on here I would appreciate maybe at least a outlook on what can be going on here. This is my first time dating someone older than me, and maybe there are women or men on here that could help me out. I would appreciate it.


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  • I am older and date younger women, just keep dating him and soon he will see your not after his money


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  • Just go with the flow.

  • Maybe he is in the process of testing you out. Have you offered to pay in any of your dates?

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