How to ask him to text more?

I've been sleeping with a guy for about 9 months, and he's really cool. But he is horrible at texting! He takes at least a day to respond to something, even when he initiates the convo. This has been consistently happening for the entire time we've been sleeping together. How can I ask him to communicate more without being overbearing or seeming needy? We both got out of bad relationships a little before we started seeing each other, so it's fine we're moving slow, but, it's getting awfully annoying.


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What Guys Said 2

  • 1. You are getting emotionally attached to a booty call / FWB?
    2. Not a good idea, it may / will scare him off
    3. He evidently is a good match for you in bed hence you guys have been together for a while. However, everyone can't be good at everything and he may not be at texting
    4. Another angle is once he's done with the sex part he's not interested in anything else
    4.1. He begins texting probably cause (1) he wants to check if you are still around at his beck and call (2) He's horny for you
    5. Another angle - he got out of a bad relationship too
    5.1. These have different effects on different people
    5.2. He may be in a situation where he may have been texting his ex-partner a lot and things went sour because she was over bearing etc
    6. There are so many possibilities here. I'd recommend directly talking it out w/o mincing words :)

  • "I've been sleeping with this guy for 9 months…"

    "… so it's fine we're moving slow…"

    FFSW lol


What Girls Said 1

  • he doesn't want you to get attached to him!!


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