Have you girls fallen for your best guy friend before? How did you deal with it?

My guy friend and i have been texting everyday for the past year and i dont know if he wants to be more than friends or not. He drunk texted me the other day asking me what i think of him. Sometimes i do get the feeling the he likes me too, but not quite sure. and i don't know what to do about it either.


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  • Men have to be careful about that because if were good friends with a women and we ask her out or flirt often times she feels betrayed. I'm currently in this situation myself with my good freind. We were messing around and a mutual freind joked about us needing to date before we got so close. Sadly her sister was filming and showed her Mom who loves the idea of us dating. Now were both really awkward around each other and have no idea what to say. She being shy has backed away a bit. I would like to date her but I have no idea if she is even ready to date yet let alone wants to try and date me. Any suggestions?


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  • Yeah, I have. We tried. We failed.
    That's it.


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  • Well, what did you tell him when he asked what you thought of him? That was your chance right there! LOL

    • I didn't want to tell him right away that I do have feelings because I wasn't sure what he was implying. So i just told him he's a great guy! LOL

    • Well, I've done the same thing with female friends I've liked before, and in two cases the girl responded neutrally even though it turned out that she liked me. Those relationships never happened. You should let the guy know you like him. You don't have to tell him point blank, but you do need to find a way to let him know. Otherwise, if he's like me, he'll assume that you're not into him and that making a move will ruin your friendship.

    • Ahh icic so I have to be more clear I guess :D Thank you soo much that really helped:) Have a good day!

  • Honestly do you like him enough to take a chance?

    • I do! Well, what are your thoughts? Do you think I'm taking a risk?

    • No.. Sometimes girls say "well he is my guy friend I don't want to change that". The reason I ask what I ask is because if you like him enough it's worth taking a chance, and seeing where it goes.

  • I've never had a female friend fall for me, so I never tried anything


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