Girls, Do you think me and my friend may date in the fute or no?

Everyone always says.. we should date or says we would make a couple. I spend a lot of time explaining to people she's not my girlfriend.. just a close friend. I have know her for a year and we actually become friends after i ask her out. She never said why she wouldn't date me just said she wasn't looking to date at the time.. maybe a iie. but 2 months later she ended up dating a guy she had a crush on for along while.. which didn't work out. We have been hanging out almost 2-3 Times a week lately even through she's 35 min away from me ny car and 1 hour by train. 3 days ago we were oit with a few friends and she brought up the fact o asked her out. everyone got excited and said why dont you two date? her reply was i would but my parents wouldn't ever approve. Her parents are kind of raicest.. but in the way they feel... like becuase your black or Spanish your gonna act or speak a certain Type of way. I don't know if she was lying becuase her ex boyfriend aka her first was black but she didn't tell her parents they were dating... in fact its a long story but her family hate the guy. Anyway am only asking because i accpeted the way awhile ago were just friend but 4 days ago we just sit in the back of her car cuddleoing.. listening to cold play. I really like being her friend.. but movements like that.. make me ask why does everyone think we would be such a cute couple together? Or wht would dating her feel like? i have no plans on asking her out.

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  • I think it's possible but you need to make your feeling known

    • It was a fun question but were not dating and she knows.

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