When a girl makes an effort to look good for a guy? Guys and girls help me?

This is not a normal situation, there is this guy with which my girlfriend has dumped but now she is expecting to meet him after 4 months.

And she has completely transformed herself, straight hair, nails, best clothes etc.

I wana know, when a girl is displaying such behaviour, what does she think of that guy?

  • She thinks very highly of him and in order to impress him she has to look her best and that's what she is trying to do. He is a high value guy in her eyes and wants him to like her.
  • She doesn't see him as a high value person, dont overthink.
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  • I cannot vote on those two options because it is both and neither. Why is she meeting up with him when she is in a new relationship is my biggest concern!!! You are not upset about that? Some people need closure or they are still friends or something but she is dating you now so she should not want or care about it anymore. As far as dressing up goes, it is just to look good for an ex, it does not mean anything really except girls just want look good for someone even if they USED to care about what they thought. I would not put too much into that. Now that summer is coming I am coloring my hair lighter and getting tan and I want to run into the last guy I was seeing after I do, I don't want him back, I just want him to be like, "damn!" I can't explain why really, a girl thing I guess.


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