Do you think that dating a certain race of guys/girls is better than dating guys/girl of another race? Why is that?

Some non white guys/girls think that dating a white person will always result in a positive experience and are completely incapable of being toxic bf's/gf's?

Why is it that some white guys think that dating a Asian/foreign girl will always result in a positive experience and are completely incapable of being toxic gf's?

Why is that some non white girls think that dating a black guy will always result in a negative experience and are completely incapable of being a positive experience?

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  • A lot of it is about stereotypes and stigma. I've known a lot of white women who felt that people would judge them for dating a person of color. The men that I've known who wanted "foreign" women were interested in what they believed to be more submissive or "tame" women. I don't personally believe that dating a specific race would result in a better relationship.
    For me, when race is involved it's mostly around attraction. I am mostly (there are a number of exceptions, I am only explaining a pattern I've noticed in my preferences and am not trying to offend anyone) attracted to Caucasians, Asians, Middle Eastern individuals, and Native Americans. A lot of that, I've noticed, is tied to facial bone structure, as well as eye and hair color.


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  • Not race per se but I feel like certain ethnic groups make better partners because it's in their culture to value their SO, be affectionate and take care of each other more than in other cultures.

    • Like who?

    • I actually really liked that about my korean ex girlfriend :P
      And my cousins who are korean are always really considerate of me, too, as opposed to my western cousins who probably wouldn't even notice if I died within the next month.. They're actually more like brothers for me.
      I think it's just some family and relationship thing in their culture & I really like it!
      It's nice to show someone you care about them instead of always just assuming they know.

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  • No , it all depends on the individual

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