So... he ghosted. Now what?

Been seeing a guy for 3 months. Everything was great; would talk/text frequently, go on dates few times a week, talk about personal stuff, introduce me to his friends, was very sweet towards me, even refused a job offer in another country so he wouldn't lose me. Overall, I didn't see any freaking red flag. We didn't label anything, we agreed to let it go with a flow. Well, fuck it, I fell for him.

The last time I heard from him was 10 days ago, he sent me some nice youtube song. Few days after that I asked him to hang out... and he never replied. He saw a message. And he has been active on social media, too. I even saw him in town from far away, sitting alone with his laptop at a cafe drinking coffee.

I feel extremely stupid and I can't get this whole thing out of my head. :(


What Guys Said 2

  • That sucks, try not to worry about it.. I know it's hard. I guess he's probably just thinking things over or a little unsure of what he wants in the relationship, maybe just very busy. I wouldn't message him again, I'd let him get back to you first and when you go out again just talk about what's up with ignoring your message.

    • I kinda feel pissed off. Whatever the reason is, it's not an excuse to ignore me like that. Even if he gets back to me, I'm not sure how to react to that...

    • Yeah, if he gets back to you he's got to apologize for that, ignoring isn't really acceptable in a relationship.

  • He wanted to break up with you but didn't want the attendant drama.


What Girls Said 1

  • That is so messed up. What a coward! That absolutely sucks to go through, but just remember you did absolutely nothing wrong. I was ghosted on by someone a month ago and STILL wonder what happened, and you will too, it is hard not to. You could just let it go, it shows to him that you are like, "fine, you want to act like that then see ya" or you have a right to call him out on it and tell him he is a coward and you deserve an explanation. You will be fine in the end though, it will take some time but you will move on. And seriously, when it happened to me everyone just kept telling me that I did NOTHING wrong and I knew that was true, because it is hard to wonder if you did something but you did NOT. He did something wrong though, he was absolutely disrespectful and an immature scumbag. You now know how he is and are better off without him.

    • I know I did nothing wrong. I am just way better then him and I hope he is aware of that. I hope he feels like crap.