What do you mean by out of league?

I like this guy. We are hang outing but are not dating.
My friends ( every single one them) are like "really , you can do better than him."
"don't waste your time on him "
"you are out of his league" "Really, him"

He is decent guy ( not way too good looking , not even bad) , Ok is terms of looks.(looks doesn't really matter) He is ok ( if you are talking about grades ) . Also, Many girls like him in my college , he is not popular but girls are after him. He is a not player and is shy.

I am not that pretty too. But people do call me cute. I am smart that's i know.

we look cute together. I like being with him but sometimes it hurts too ( he is sometimes very insensitive). We have good chemistry. We are comfortable with each other.

I don't see any problem.
Why everyone is against us?
I have a big friend circle.


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  • Means you are better than him by looks and/or body and/or intellect and/or social standing and/or education and/or almost anything else :)

    Please go about things the way you want to don't listen to people on this even if they mean well.

    But yes assume responsibility for your actions :)

    • i like him , but my friends don't want us to date.
      They are my bestie.
      I don't need their approval but it's not good when every single of them are against us.

    • Let the universe be against, do what you must & please :) If they want to choose and pick for you then they aren't friends :)

      Thank you for liking my opinion young lady :)

    • Thank you, young lady for your kind, generous and thoughtful gesture of selecting my opinion the MHO :)

What Guys Said 5

  • how the fuck do your friends know you can "do better"

    like im not trying to say that you can't, but do they fucking know him? lol

    he could be so great and surprise you in so many positive ways.

    don't take your friend's opinions into consideration, judge him for yourself and then decide.

  • Maybe they don't like him because he is shy. That happens but don't listen to them. Shy guys tend to be true and romantic sometimes I guess when u have his trust. On the other hand there are also many shy losers who are only true because they can't get any other girl

    • He is shy only with girls. He doesn't like talking to girls that much.

    • Do what u want but listen to yourself and don't care about your friends

  • Because the people around you don't want you to be happy. They're jealous.

  • it seems your friends are trying to play tricks on you. you said guys were after him, perhaps your friends are too?

    • no , not my friends.
      they are not after him.

    • maybe they want to keep you virgin because they plan to sacrifice you to satan?

    • haha.. No :P

  • okay if your so smart
    what is the shape of the earth?


What Girls Said 1

  • They think you're better than him. Screw them.