I met a German-American guy and he asked me out. Will he have an American dating approach or more of a German one?

We live in Europe although he grew up in both places. His mum is American and because of it I think he has more of an American upbringing. He told me that if necessary he will introduce himself to my dad as he surely wants to know who his daughter goes out with.
What should I expect? I really like him and I think he likes me too. He invited me to get away to the coast and eat some fish together next Saturday. However, it was me who picked him up at a party. I m afraid he might have judged me poorly.
We did not kiss or anything, we just talked for about 3h at the bar and he refused to go back to his group every time his friends came to get him (3 times). He asked my number and said he would have liked me to have his. He texted me straight away the next morning to ask me out. He did not try to invade my space, physical contact was max an arm brush. We also have plenty of things in common.. We talked about our hobbies, jobs, cultures, places we'd like to visit, etc. nothing sexual or whatsoever.


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  • German relationship building leans on political conversations. If that's how he started it, then he'll probably use the German approach.