How to keep up confidence and nerve?

I'm by nature submissive and rather passive. I want to ask for this girls number today, but my anxiety disorder isn't really benefiting me right now... I really want to do it, but I don't think I'll be able to work up the nerve to do it. Everyone says "just be confident", but I've never been confident in my life since I don't find it useful to do things that are likely to fail. I've also heard "fake it till you make it" which is ridiculous because it doesn't work that way. So what should I do? Or better yet, any ways to keep my nerve to ask her?


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  • You should just quit.
    No girls for you. No success for you, no good life for you.
    This is not reverse psychology.

    • -_- great advice... But in the grand scheme of things it's probably true. Even though i am on a full payed scholarship and on a track to a graduate program. Women don't make sense i guess... Okay then wise one, why should I even bother furthering myself if I'm going to live and die alone?

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    • Honestly, i live for myself and my desires, but at the same time I know that just living for oneself is pointless. I will die, and what good did it do to live for myself? Really nothing. If i am able to live for someone, then, I can give the greatest thing I have to offer them. I give them memories to remember and enjoy. I allow them to cherish who i was through their memories. Even my career is not something that i can say is solely mine. I will be sharing it with countless amounts of people. I want to benefit others rather than myself. so, no I mean nothing to myself simply because i know i can be more beneficial by inspiring others dreams, and allowing others to attain their goals.

    • Living for others is not worth losing self. I can give you a long speech about how I used to do that, but fuck that.
      Ultimately, your life is not your own to give up. It was given to you (by whom ever you want to believe in) and will taken from you whenever they're ready.