I have had a girlfriend for the past 5 years but I met a girl that I started liking way too much, should I pursue a new relationship?

ok here's the deal, i have been in the same relationship for about 5 years, of which the last one has been long distance, we broke up for around ten months before this long distance year and we both dated other people in the meantime, around 1-2 month (s) ago i met a girl on a group of friends im hanging around very much, and i started taking an interest on her, on the last 2 weeks it has become unbearable, i started liking her way too much (with all the "i think she's perfect" kinda bullshit), now i won't make any advances on this new girl while having a girlfriend, i also dont know if i have been with my girlfriend due to habit. but i also dont want to live with the feeling of not knowing what would have been if i started dating this girl, what if the new girl just doesn't like me back? why do i feel like a scumbag for being in this situation?


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  • Is the long distance thing indefinite or will you be moving closer? Long distance is difficult and you are really young, so at your age you should explore your options. I don't know if you are with your girlfriend out of habit I think you love her but not being with her physically anymore is making you look at people that are. I never recommend long distance and if there is no timeframe for her moving back, you should see what else is our there, especially at your age like I said. However, the other girl may not like you back and that is a gamble you take. You should be sure you want to break up with your girlfriend no matter what the outcome of this other interest is. You would be a scumbag if it does not work out and then you go back to your girlfriend, that is not fair to her at all, because you then would make her disposable and only there if you want her, you are putting her as second to this other girl and you cannot take her back after doing that. But like I said, long distance probably won't work out in the long run and maybe it is time to end it with her anyways.


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  • "why do i feel like a scumbag for being in this situation? "

    - You know what you should do, you have to give your current girlfriend of 5 years all the attention and respect that she deserves which is the time and effort into breaking up with her entailing all the emotional investment that comes along with it.

    Lets yourself mourn the relationship, be in the moment with her and once you've truly moved on (not just "f-that shiz" attitude). Then pursue the next chapter in your life whatever that may be.

    If you just swing from one branch to another, you will carry all the baggage from one relationship onto another.



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  • You are not happy with your current relationship. If you like this new girl. Ask her out but break up with your girlfriend.
    Don't be in this relationship , just because you have always been with this person.
    If you like this new girl , at least try.

  • If you can't handle the long distance, then I don't see why you're still in the relationship.

  • Yes go with your feelings


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  • do what you gotta do, whoever you like more, go with it. cause your stronger feelings for this other girl aren't gonna help your relationship or your current girlfriend at all.