Is he bailing on me?

There is this guy I'm talking to and we have been with each other before. I can also share that we have kissed, and I feel like we have a kinda special connection, but I don't know what he feels yet. He seems very interested when we're texting though. And always when we meet each other we hug for so long. I'm think I'm falling head over heels in love with him, even though I don't know if that's a good idea. I think maybe he might be a player and is using me.

We have earlier planned on hanging out, but there has always been something coming in the way. He is the one that often says that we have to hang out another time. Why does he do this? Are the excuses real or is he saying it because he doesn't feel like hanging out with me? If so, it would be weird because he is the one who asks me if I want to hang out..

Should probably mention that I'm 17 and he's 18, we're not some young teenagers at 13.


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  • Well first what makes you feel like he is a player? I would say have him make the plans for hanging out so he can't flake out on something he planned ahead of time.

    • What makes me think he's a player is that he just git out of a relationship and has hooked up with a lot of girls, and now he on me and I don't know if he really likes me or wants to get in my pants. What do you think?

    • It's possible that he is. But it is also possible that you are a rebound. The only real way to tell would be to ask him how he feels about you. I mean if you are hugging a lot when you see each other that is a sign that me might like you.

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  • If he keeps bailing on you, he is not that into you.