Girls, DId I just screw up my chances with this girl?

Hello everyone,
So the thing is, I went with a party with my roommate. While dancing in the party, we got really close and in no time we were kissing each other. Then one thing lead to another and next thing we know is that we are sleeping together. Things were really good. She said a lot of stuff while we were coming back from the party, that indicated that she doesn't want this to be for just one night.

Next day, we are talking and I asked her for dinner, she said yes. But she also said that she is not sure about her feelings yet. Okay.
But I really like her, and just couldn't stop thinking about her. And today, I told her that I was thinking about her all day, and gave her a small peck on her cheek.
But she said we will talk about this sometime soon.

I am afriad if I just screwed up my chances with her. If yes, what can i possibly do to make things better?



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  • I think she just doesn't wanna rush things, because as she told you she isn't sure about her feelings yet, so I'd say give her the time she needs and don't try rushing into things, I wish you the best of luck!

    • Me neither, just wanted her to know that I like her. I just didn't wanna make things look like I was not interested or something lke that.

      by the way, thanks.

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    • ohh, sad. But I understand the point. Thanks.
      But now what I am thinking is, should say this to her? That I didn't mean to freak her out and stuff, or should I just wait for her to talk about this and then say it if necessary.

      I think I should wait until when she wants to talk about it.

    • Yeah Id say wait, there's no need to say that to her really

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  • sounds like she has something to tell you. You haven't done anything wrong So just wait to see what she is going to say. She made it clear she didn't just want 1 night with you so that is a good sign. just wait