My boyfriend mom invited his ex's to his brothers graduation party?

My boyfriends mom invited 2 of his exes to a family cook out on June 5th me and my boyfriend have been dating for a year now. and I'm his longest relationship and first girl he's been inlove with is it weird that I feel disrespected. That she invited them my boyfriend doesn't see it as a big deal I mean I'm going go and be a lady about it and not mention it I just wanted an out side opinion on this I feel like it's just going to be werid. by the way he says he mom likes but I don't feel that way


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  • Be the Perfect lady that I know that you will be, Here, Dear, And just go about your Business At... His brother's graduation party.
    I find it a bit Awkward and Perhaps slightly Uncalled for, When mom knows you and sonny have been this Item in this 'Longest relationship.'
    However, I am agreeing with you on the 'I don't feel that way.' She Probably had a trick up her sleeve, Maybe hoping Something would get Started and you would Leave.
    Don't give her the Satisfaction of Anything. She will finally see that you are Ms. Right for Sonny, Even if She never has a Good word to say to you on any given Day.
    Good luck. xx

  • I think this is one of the things that are very different in males vs females. As your boyfriend says, it is no big deal and I think that is true for most men. They are with you and they are not with them so there you go - all is good.

    Women, I think, are built differently. Change the scenario and say it is one of your Exes and you do not want him but you find out he is dating someone else. In general, women do not like that even when she has no interest in her ex. Just because I do not want him does not mean someone else should. lol!

    The women's thinking does not make sense. Trust your guy's judgement. If it is not a big deal to him than make it no big deal for you.

    Good luck. I will be thinking about you on the 5th and sending good thoughts your way.