Best place to meet women?

I've never had luck when it comes to approaching women, asking them out, or anything in the sort. I've tried online dating (didn't work out at all), girls in my college courses (I've tried since fall 2015, but no luck), clubs/sports (was a disaster), and I'm just at a loss of what to do. I have no friends so I can't ask for help. Am I just up the creek without a paddle? Summer semester started, and I hoped for a change in my luck, but to no avail. Should I just throw my hands up and accept defeat?


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  • Dude, I mean, women are basically everywhere. If you are a cool dude, then you could end up with a relationship that emerges organically from... just about *any* interaction, anywhere.

    How I met my 2 most serious boyfriends before my husband:

    • One, I met cruising tallboys (= Mexican car culture of the '90's) down Anaheim Street.

    • The other, I met while stuck in traffic.
    Yep... traffic.
    Oh, was THAT a fucking story for the ages. Paratransit van on the 710 freeway, mentally handicapped patient managed to unlock the doors from the inside and jump out into 75mph traffic... yeahhh
    We both saw it happen, too. Ugh, what a way for a relationship to start lol.

    And I met my husband at an airport gate.

    I mean... you get me, right? Of these three, only one (the first) was really any sort of social environment where people "typically" met the opposite sex. The others -- just chance encounters.

    Love could be anywhere, anytime.

    But, first you gotta work on yourself. See my comment below anon 18-24 for more on that.

    Good luck.


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  • Get friends first. A guy without friends doesn't look very appealing, plus if you can't even keep up the social skills to get some friends, how the hell were you gonna try for a lover?
    Getting friends makes it easier to deal with people. You learn when to laugh, what to say and how to get good body language to make people like you. Women are people. Being flirty is very close to a confident teasing version of being friendly.

    Once you have some friends you can try again.

    • ^^ I was gna say somethnig like this as step two.

      Step one is to introspect, and think about WHY he doesn't have friends.
      • If it's because of painfully debilitating social anxiety... first, what are some baby-steps you can take to put yourself "out there" more?
      • If it's NOT because of social anxiety -- i. e., you're NOT isolating yrself on purpose, but you still don't really have friends -- then, look long and hard in the mirror, because you might just be a selfish asshole. #lolbutsrsly I know that sounds harsh, but, are you THERE for people, and available to them (logistically and/or emotionally)? Can they count on you? If you get, do you also give?

      At the very least, mb just join up to a couple of activities/clubs. From my 4 brothers, I've noticed that boys seem to make friends best around some sort of activity... so, DO more things with people, andy ou'll probably just find that you've acquired a social circle after a while.

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    • With them. As for improving myself I've seeked counseling, religious guidance, doctors, psychologists, self help coaches, and more research than I'm proud to admit. Nothing has worked or helped. I still feel empty with what feels like a hole in my body. I'm always argumentative, irritated, and anxious. As I have said, I've tried and failed to help myself. Honestly, I just don't want to even get up in the morning, but somehow I manage. I've tried every depression medication on the market, but even the one I'm on is more like a bandage for the problem. I guess i'm at my wits end.

    • You say you don't feel like you need friends, while not having them has gotten you this far. Can't you talk to somebody else at college? Maybe a 'nerd', some other guy who always sits alone and studies hard. You can study together, help each other with problems one of you doesn't understand etc. And go on to make a few more friends after that.

      Friends aren't a waste of time. Only working without taking any time for joy is a waste of life.

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  • Try dating sites. They have worked for a lot if men who tried them as a last resort (although I personally haven't used those sites).

  • You're in college? dude dating and banging never gets easier omg. Just walk around in circles and talk to people haha it's so fucking easy, classes, parties, etc.

    • For me it's rather difficult... I hate parties because I hate dealing with drunk or stoned individuals. I have no interest in the shallow, pathetic "relationships" that are only about sex. Classes are a no go considering i am in classes with people that are 25+ since it's the summer semester. I guess college dating has changed since all I see is unsociable people around.

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