Do you dislike women who hate on another woman's success?

I use to work with a group of women who would constantly give negative opinions about other women's work. I always disliked that specially because I would see that their opinions were full or envy and negativism to a piece of work that would definitely stand out more than their work. I just don't understand why some women hate on eachother like that. Their opinions are not even constructive, they are negative and denigrating.

anyway, do you dislike those kind of women too? Have you experienced something similar?


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  • I dislike anyone who hates on someone else's success, irrespective of gender. Men do this too, not just women.

    • Yes, you're right. But I honestly think men have a more competitive way of hating, men push themselves to do better. Women they just give their irrelevant opinions.

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    • Good point I totally agree. Thanks for your opinion 😊

    • You're most welcome! :)

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  • Yeah, but not any more than I dislike some men who do the same thing. I try to keep things positive though. Kill them with kindness type stuff. It's hard to continue to be rude to someone who's always polite to you without looking like an ass. Fortunately, most of the people where I work are pretty supportive of each other, and higher-up women especially are willing to be mentors and help other people up.


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  • Bitches.

  • Yes they're shitty people. gender is irrelevant


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