Girls, Why do I have to say hi first?

Saw this girl I used to date/mess around with like 8 years ago. When we broke up we were cool, we've always been cool, no hard feelings. She is engaged now, I'm cool with it no problem. I study at Starbucks all the time. I saw her there a couple months ago with her new guy. I saw her see me when she walked in, pretended like she didn't see me, then wondered off after her order and like stood in front of me, pretending not to see me then goes "hey!!!" and we start talking with her boyfriend looking over like what the hell.

So this time, I'm sitting in the window, she pulls up right in front of me. I didn't see her until I saw a flash of blonde walking in (so I looked), she was facing the other way. I know she saw me walking in. I decided not to look up because I was studying, wondering if she'd actually come over and say hi. A few minutes goes by, I look up finally and she's standing by the counter ten feet from me tapping her heel flipping her hair around with her shoulders/back to me. I keep studying, and she walks out and leaves.

So what gives? I knew she'd do this? Why do I have to say hi first, even if we're only friends at this point?

Mostly just curious as to why girls act like this? Thanks!


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  • She realizes that it’s inappropriate, borderline disrespectful, and may make her future life partner highly uncomfortable for her to be friendly buddies with you.

    You guys may have claimed to be “friends” at some point just for the sake of mutually agreeing that there are no hard feelings, but you two are beyond friendship. You cannot be friends with someone you used to f*ck. Point blank period. There will always be some measure of mutual attraction so the opportunity to be platonic friends is unrealistic. To keep it real with you, she is going to value the male friendship her future husband has to offer more than the male friendship her ex has to offer hence the behavior.

    • I'm like you can't even say hi though? Come on.

    • In all honesty, you seem to be expecting too much from a woman who owes you nothing. She’s no longer obligated to say hello and I think that her not saying hello and not being eager to communicate with you is very telling. That’s her way of saying that you guys are not and will not be friends because there is a new man in her life and as her future life partner, his feelings take priority over yours.

  • She's shy.

    • Why? She is kind of shy, but why mozy over last time? This time wait for me? Shy with guys?

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