How to cut things off with a guy?

Please help GaGer's, I'm having a hard time with this one. So for the past 2 1/2 weeks I have been officially in a relationship with a really awesome guy. My only problem is cutting off another dude I had been talking to. This second guy isn't very consistent with me, so in the time we weren't talking, things developed to where they are with my now boyfriend. I'm far too nice and have a really hard time when it comes to hurting feelings/people, but I finally found the balls to tell guy #2 about my boyfriend (I didn't say boyfriend, just that I an dating and it's gotten serious). Now all of a sudden guy #2 is trying to make effort to come and see me, which he really didn't before, and basically made a u-turn. I'm extremely conflicted because I know I need to cut him off but It's difficult.
Has anyone gone through this before, or can suggest a way to do this without feeling like a total asshole? Thanks so much in advance!


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  • The second guy need to be puts in his place, get straight up to the point that you want a serious relationship with the one you told him about and there's nothing he can do about it then cut it off, I don't know why you care he gets hurt while he's making have a hard time like, not gonna even feel for him because if he was serious he would've came to see you before you tell him that you're dating, so just make sure do it and comfort yourself.
    between It's better to not do it in person

    • Thank you! I was thinking of sending a text, I don't know if I can do it over the phone. Then again I heard that is cowardly. Do you think it matters?

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    • Okay; thanks again, this helps so much :)

    • You're welcome. Good luck.

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  • You just need to make the decision... who is the ONE you want? It does not matter who is making the most effort, if you like one over the other, then that is your answer. Be kind and honest to the other guy and do it sooner than later... it will only get worse if you delay things.


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