Facebook Message question... Weird situation?

I met this girl at a graduation party and ended up talkin with her, her sister, and her mom as well as my mom for 45 min or so. We all had a great time, and I chatted with just her and mentioned getting her number which she was down for. I then had to leave which left me without the chance to get it (we were right next to the rents with plates in our hands when I mentioned it). I found her on facebook and sent a fun message askin for her number to possibly go out soon as well as a friend request (lame i def know but really my only option here...) She accepted the friend request asap but never even opened the message... which is really weird... Does it seem like she never even got it due to privacy stuff or what? I sent it early this am and haven't heard/she hasn't even read it... She was definitely interested and laughing a lot when we were all chatting.


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  • She might actually not go on fb on that much and she might not get notifications from her message app. I used to not get messenger notifications and have gone days without. Since she hasn't opened it it is too soon to tell.

    • Good point... So should I wait it out? or if it has something to do with what jessh said, do you think I should resend it and maybe mention, wasn't sure if this message got through with all the privacy stuff nowdays...

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    • Right, so she might not have seen it yet for any number of reasons.

    • Cool, I really appreciate the input! tried to give you most helpful, but I have to wait 24 hours... I'll get ya tho

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  • If you sent the message before she accepted he friend request then the message went into her "filtered" box, or "message request" box. So she likely doesn't even know that she has it.


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