How to proceed? (Waiting) ?

I met a woman in the adult movie industry for a date Saturday when I was in Los Angeles. She was running late but we met and we just spent nearly an hour talking and really asking each other questions, and seemed to hit it off. She was smiling and kept blushing... I told her how I was very open and non judge mental and she went on to describe how that's what she needed in a guy... She really liked me and enjoyed me and gave me her real name...

We then got intimate and it was really almost an afterthought because we were building a connection more on our personalities and common interests. I walked her out and we kissed and expressed interest in doing something again and getting together again. I may be moving for work and I told her that so my availability to her location wise may change.

So i shot her a message the next day thanking her and telling her I had fun over Twitter because she followed me so we could DM each other. I haven't gotten a response though yet and it's Monday night. The date was Saturday night. I can't assume she saw it and didn't respond because she is famous and busy and has 70000 followers.

I'd like to see her again and I think she genuinely likes me so what would be the best thing to proceed without looking needy? Give more time for a reply? I want to respect her space and lifestyle.


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  • Hopefully she's into you, especially since you think it's ok the send her a gift and a letter. Hopefully you know her well enough to do these things. Otherwise you are going to really freighten her.
    Trust me.

    • I get what you're saying. I think the big thing that helps is we met and I was cool. She opened herself up for further communication, and so as long as I don't barrage her, I'll be okay I hope.

  • Did she give you her number? Text her. If she's well-known and you messaged her on Twitter there's a good chance it got lost in the sea of messages she probably gets daily.

    • I sent a gift to her through amazon with a note saying I want to see her again with my number. That will take care of everything!!!

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