What do I take from this?

A couple months ago I met a girl through a friend. She had a boyfriend and I didn't bother thinking of her anything more than a friend. Fast forward a month and her boyfriend passes away from an OD. She goes MIA for a week or so, for obvious reasons. Next thing I know I end up seeing her multiple times a week, and we snapchat all through the day.

It has been a month and a half since her ex-boyfriends OD, and although unintentional I found myself having feelings for someone I just wanted to care about. When we are around each other we really connect and I love it. Things got bad one night when I had a couple drinks too many, my feelings came out and I let her know all of this. She thought it was very sweet and loved me, but she has no clue when she would be ready for another relationship.

[Three barely talking awkward days later]

She brings it out of nowhere asking why I felt this way about her, and what I actually like about her.

I responded as honest and down to earth as I could. Is her asking this just looking for attention and too feel good about herself? Or would there be other things behind it. I wouldn't mind waiting given she has been through a lot, does anyone see hope for my situation?


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  • I believe she was looking for validation/attention.


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  • Her boyfriend died?

    She is probably no where ready to be in a relationship.

    She knows that you like her, so if she likes you she will have to give a hint now.

    She just wanted to know why you liked her, girls are insecure. If a girl told you she liked you, you would like to know why as well? right?

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