I like someone can you guys help?

im gay and i like this guy who is my best friends brother and this friend knows i like his brother and but i presume this guy is straight but i hope he will just like me for me or maybe he might not have come out of the closet yet but i want to make him realise one day that he is more than a friend to me but i dont want to cause conflict or make him and his family not like me because they are very close friends and im afraid that one day i will ask him and he will say know and be devostated that we can't be the friends that he wanted us to be and me be devostated that he will never love me like i love him

sorry can i rephrase that question title to "can someone help me with dating?"


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  • I am sorry, but if he is straight, there is nothing you can do.


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  • I'm too homophobic to help you.

  • Sounds like a nice way to ruin a friendship. I consider myself a tolerant person but I wasn't emotionally there at 14 years old