Guys, have you ever consciously decided not to get involved in a relationship even if you like/love a girl?

Have you ever decided that you just can't get in a serious relationship due to responsibilities and big life changes; even if you've met a girl you truly and deeply care about?

Would you possibly try to continue a relationship with this woman without the labels (i. e., a friendship with sex, or a friendship without, etc)?


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  • I've been in this type of situation for awhile now and don't want to label it a friends with benefits and I do care for her but not sure how serious I want to be for various reasons yet I don't want to break it off either

    • Great answer :) So when the dating books say things like, "if he likes you, he'll date you", do you agree that it's much more accurate to say that a man can truly care for a woman but just not be able to give himself to her at the time?

    • Yeah that seems to my case, I can't give her my all yet since I'm not sure where it will go or if I want her to be the one but yet she is so sure I'm the one

    • I completely agree. This is an answer I can live with. The black and white stuff seems so... not human-like. Thanks :)

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  • Yeah, she had a stupidly high body count and I found that disgusting so although she was hot and pretty cool I was put off.

    • hahahahahaha!

      can you explain what you mean by "stupidly high body count"?

    • She'd had a lot of dicks! lmao

    • HAHA! I had no idea what that meant. Love it.

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  • yes , i rejected my crush.
    i was not ready for a relationship.
    I was in high school and was focusing on SAT.

  • It can happen.

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