What goes on in your head when your crush ignores your text?

Say, you've been texting your crush all the time for several months now, and all of a sudden, they just stop replying.
What're the thoughts that run in your head when this happens?

  • You forget about it, and move on. You'll find a better person, right?
  • You wonder if you said or did something to hurt them, and you ask them what's wrong.
  • You wonder what's wrong, but don't ask them anything. You just play the waiting game.
  • You call them, to ask if they're okay, and if you did something to hurt their feelings.
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  • Depending on how often she does this and a number of other factors, I may make some kind of effort to find out if something is bothering. But then again, I may not. This kind of behavior is childish. You are an adult now. If someone does something to upset you or that you don't like, then tell them.

  • I wonder if they died.


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