Should I end things with a guy who has suddenly pulled away?

I gave a guy a second chance, who dropped off the radar when we were previously dating. His reason for disappearing was due to a busy schedule, and he apologised for any hurt and that he wanted to see me again. He seemed sincere, so I gave him another chance. For the past 2 weeks he stepped up his game, and we've been on a few more dates. I enjoy my time with him, however, things turned weird on Sunday.
We went for a hike and throughout the day he became distant and not very affectionate. Conversation felt forced too.

When I got home, I knew instinctively his behavior would return to how it used to be before he ghosted me.
Usually, we would swap several messages during the week, and have silly convos about our days. Now its like talking to a brick wall. He's sent two basic texts, but fails to reply for hours and doesn't carry on the conversation.

I feel like the past two weeks have all been a charade, and that this is now the "real" him. I feel like he already believes he's "got" me and no longer needs to make any more effort. I know guys pull away/need space, and I give him that, but I'm really confused. Why has he stopped caring? He was even saying the other day I can start leaving stuff at his, to which I was flattered, but I'm not ready to do that yet.

I don't want to voice my thoughts, as I'm scared of coming across as needy, but this is now happening TWICE.


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  • I know such relationships, so that's pretty normal.


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  • And Three Strikes he will Be... OUT!
    This is going to be just another Full Circle Problem Pattern with him here, dear, And it will only gets worse. He grows Cold Duck Feet every Time things get Cozy and Rosy and Then... A Charade. He is not Ready nor Raring for a real Relationship.
    It probably will not do you any good to have a Pet talk with him. No matter what goes on, No matter where you both may go, He will end up Floating around and making you end Up... Scared.
    Tell him to take a Hike and to find a Short trail and Just... Disappear. This One is One Casper that you don't Need to make you ever Feel... Needy.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks for the advice. Should I just stop all contact and cut him out?

    • Oh, so welcome, sweetie.. To be fair, if you feel it is worth your time, you could talk with him, but even if he appears again a rel gem, I doubt he will be the kind of gent a nice girl like yourself is looking for.. I have guys like this, I dumped them, and when they would come back, I said "Sorry."xxoo