Ex reacted a bit when I was shopping with my mum today?

THIS IS EASY. Please take time to read and answer :). Thanks!

Anyway, my mum and I were shopping earlier today in the store my ex works in. He is the manager of a grocery store.

Our relationship was private, to the extent I never told my parents or anyone about our relationship.

He saw me, said hi and asked how I was. I then told him I was in shopping with my mum. To which he replied 'well I suppose you'll not be wanting to speak to me for long then if she's in' and I said not at all. Then he was like ' won't she ask who the weirdo is that you're talking to?' I just said not at all! And of course, my mum came round with the trolley and never said a word.

So yeah, why would he react like this? My mum doesn't even know him!

  • This is kinda weird behaviour.
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  • He obviously still likes you a little.
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  • This is normal.
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  • He's just joking around.
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What Guys Said 2

  • I can't pick one. It seems like he is resentful of you guys keeping the relationship private. I know I would be

    • He sure is resentful! Wish he'd give us the chance to make things better. :(

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    • And for that I'm really sorry.

    • Well, thanks I guess!

  • he's joking. But i think if i acted like that in his position, it might be because somewhere i still have feelings for you. So i voted b.

    • Ok :) he's actually been really resentful about the whole thing so I really couldn't tell!

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    • Okay. Well anyway, all the best.

    • Thank ya!

What Girls Said 1

  • he still likes you and is a giant whiny baby about it. i wouldn't entertain that type of sympathy fishing at all

    • I get where you're coming from, he's a bit of a soul though :(