What do I do in this situation?

I was getting a ride home from my boyfriend's best friend and we were just talking outside by my house. Things were getting really awkward so I was like I have to go. He's like ok then he gave me a hug, as I was about to walk away he pulled me close and kissed me on my lips. He then whispered in my ear "Don't tell Jeremy, it'll ruin everything" (which is my boyfriend). he then left.. I want to tell my boyfriend but I don't want it to ruin their friendship. what do I do guys?

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  • you should tell him.
    if he will find out this incident somehow , he will be hurt.
    May be he will assume that it's your fault.
    it will ruin your relationship too. you won't do anything wrong by telling him. He can deal with his best friend.

    That guy (best friend) knew that you are girlfriend of his best friend. He kissed you anyways.

  • Tell him