How long after meeting someone can you ask them out?

I have no problem talking to people, but I tend to develope a friend ship before I ask them out. At that point I feel like I can't ask them out because they are to close and if they say no then it would get weird.


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  • No set time. Ask them out as soon as you realize you're interested in them that way. For me that could be after years or after like a week LOL


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  • Really bro, I'm only 15 and I know the answer to this, "whenever". Its a question so yeah haha, but theres's really no right or wrong time. But there is such a thing as a smart and dumb time though lol, that should be common sense. But About friendships before a relationship, was there a strong enough initial attraction with the girl your refering to from the beginning with you? If you feel like its a no, then your likely gonna be stuck in the friendzone my friend. Also try not to get too close in the future, if you arn't the type to just go for it at the start. But If you do get too close it can get weird if your rejected later on in the "friendship" like you said above... but just go for it! Finding out you have no chance now, parting ways once your rejected as it gets weird (if you do), or even possibly getting her, is way better than secretly holding in your feelings for this girl for years, only to get rejected once you finally ask. So do it soon preferably, best of luck my brother!