Is he worth it? Should I let him go? If so, how? I CAN'T STOP CRYINGG?

This is an update from my last question. Here is exactly what I wrote in my last question:
My boyfriend called me today crying. He told me that he was feeling depressed. . He told me that he wants to make this work but he wants to wait until he is better and at a healthier mental state. He promised he'd come back to me... but he's not sure how long it will be. He said it could be 3weeks or more. I'm so upset and I miss him so much. I'm worried that his ex will pop up during his recovery, he will find someone else, he willtake like a year, or he will come back and will have lost interest in me. Should I wait? Is he worth it? I really do like him. The sex is great. He kisses my forehead after sex... this led me to believe that he ACTUALLY likes me and respects me outside of the sex... is this true? Does he like me? He said he would come back. He promised.

He doesn't text me at 4:30 like usual and I know that something is up. I text him first instead and we start talking. I say "I miss you" ( which I totally regret saying). He says that he's so busy with therapy and trying to accomplish things that he doesn't want to hurt me. He talks to me about how he still has feeling for his ex of 2 years. He says he loves her... but oh wait, that can't be right. He told me that HE REALLLY LIKED me the week before...
He says that he hasn't gien up on her even though they aren't talking anymore and how he hopes that will change. He can't deny his feelings. Of course I say "Where does this leave me?" He says it's my choice. Problem is, I don't know. I like him... a lot. But I don't want to be with someone who liking me and loving someone else. He continues to say how he can't deny his feelings and he might not even want me... BUT OF COURSE HE WANTS TO FUCK?
I'm really heartbroken right now. I don't know what to do. I hope someone reading this post can help me out. I can't stop crying and I know this sounds pathetic but, I don't have the will to live blah blah blah...

* lost the will to live


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  • Wow you're clearly not thinking rationally there are plenty of other guys just let it go.


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  • I'm so sorry to hear that. I'd say take a break for three weeks so you can both clear your minds, then sit down and talk. I've been there before with loving someone who doesn't love me back and it sucks. Unfortunately if he ends up choosing his ex, you can't stop him. It's gonna hurt like hell but that's love I guess.

    I know how you feel with not being able to stop crying. You'll feel like this for a while. It sucks and life feels empty without him but you need to try to focus on the good memories with him. At one time for one little while he liked you, and that's pretty amazing:) Try to think of that. It won't completely cure the pain but you can't completely cure the pain. Time might help but it won't fully heal. You never really learn to get over someone, just how to live without them.

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