How do I date a cowboy?

Hey gagers! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday:) My question for you today is: this summer I would really like to meet a nice, old-fashioned country boy to call my own. But, how do I meet him? What places should I scope out and how should I approach them? Thanks!


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  • Do you just want a country boy or do you want a real cowboy? If you just want a country boy you can find them by the millions in the country and small towns. If you want a real cowboy you need to go where there are real cowboys which is anywhere with large cattle ranches.

    As far as approaching them, just approach them like anyone else. Be polite, open and friendly. What you do not want to do is fake it and pretend like you are a cowgirl or country girl when it's obvious you're a city slicker.

    You are anon so I don't know where you are from. If you are in the US, probably half the states have cattle ranches of some sort. And almost every state will have country boys.

    • Thank you! I am from Wyoming but a bigger city. I have dated rodeo Cowboys in the past and they turned out to be kind of stuck on themselves so I would like to avoid that route.

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    • Lol well I did say "bigger" city;P the problem is I'm a secretary 6 days a week, not much time left for fun stuff like fishing or skeet!:/

    • OK gottcha.
      I spent a month in SE Wyoming (C town). Didn't think much of it.

      Yea, if you are working a lot it's a tough one. At first I thought you were planning on traveling or moving somewhere. But if you are looking locally your options are pretty limited. Not sure what to tell you except the usual places. Not really anything special about a cowboy or country boy. I'd think just about everyone around there would be one or both of those.

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  • Farmersonly. com

    • I can understand how they would use a farmers-only dating site. I have relatives who are farmers, and unless you grow up that way, not many people can take the lifestyle. Animals don't know it's Sunday.

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