Does he love me?

I've been dating my boyfriend for about 4 months now. We sleep together at least 4-5 times a week and never really argue. ( at all ) Just fun and nothing but a great relationship. The only thing is he's afraid to say " i love you to me". I figured he does with all the things he does. Calls and checks up on me everyday. Would ditch his friends to be with me. Constantly takes me out to dinner, buys me gifts, flowers , etc. he's always kissing me and hugging me. Tell me how happy he is with me and can't see himself without me. But... Why hasn't he just said to me " i love you". Even though I already told him I do.


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  • Believe me, its more likely that he's not afraid to say it but that he doesn't feel it.

  • Probably he's like me i've never said it to anyone before even fimaly, we just can't


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  • I characterise a person by their actions and behaviour towards me. If their words don't harmonise with their actions then their words are meaningless.

    So in your case his actions show he genuinely cares about you a great deal, but only he can know whether what he feels for you is love or not.

    He may not be ready to say" I love you "or might even find it difficult to express how he feels.

    It's nice to hear those 3 words " I love you" but it's more important to be treated in a way in which you feel loved and wanted... and you obviously are. Hopefully in time he'll repeat those words back to you.

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