Does star sign really matters?

I m a Pisces in a relationship with a Gemini boy and according to zodiac we are least compatible like he has double personality which prices can't handle as the need stablity, Pisces need a lot of support and Gemini loves their freedom and all kinda stuff... And its almost everywhere we are least compatible n can't be together.. But honestly I have been trying to give him a lot of space n ignoring his changing behaviors coz he is like that.. And I want to be with him forever and he also.. So does starsigns really matters?

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  • I say personality matters and most of the time people really ARE the way their star signs describe them.. so I guess it does matter.
    But you'd have to get to know the person well... no matter the sign.


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  • It doesn't matter

  • Not at all. You know what does matter? Proper grammar.