Should I give this guy a chance?

I've been talking to this guy for a little over a week now and most of the convo has been sexual but we would sometimes ask each other questions about each other, he seems like a nice guy, He has sent pics of his area a few times. And he also said we would make cute kids and asked when and how many kids would I want. Which I didn't know how I felt about it because we've only been talking for a week. I've said to him just be straight up with me (not right after he asked about kids) and that I was starting to like the guy and he said that he enjoys talking to me, and he sees me as a good friend for right now and he relationship is like 50/50, he said it's not that he doesn't wanna date me he just wants to see where it goes. we live far from each other, and he said long distance is hard which I'm sure it is but I am willing to give it a chance whenever we decide to date if that's in the books.


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  • I think he is only interested in hooking up with you. I get that vibe. I may be wrong though.

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