How to resolve issue with coworker? I am really upset right now?

I have a really bad problem with a coworker. Every-time I see her I feel sick and hurt, there is tension between us and I really need to do what is best for me.

She is extroverted and social, and I am the opposite.

This story took place over the span of three years, I had met her when I started, started falling in love, (I may have misunderstood her friendliness, or she did like my attention because I was one of the few people in her dramatic life that was very nice to her)

I asked her out, she indirectly said no. Shortly after I found out she had a boyfriend, and it shattered my heart.

Ever since then I have had problems talking to her, sometimes I was friendly, sometimes I ignore her...

But it has been a year, we still work together, now we don't talk at all anymore, but I feel sick and have a panic attack every-time I see her.

What I want is to resolve this issue with her. I don't want to think about her, I don't want tension/awkwardness at work, I want to move on with life.

I can either keep ignoring her, and force myself to stop thinking about her, move on, keep busy, and that does work but every so often something happens at work and I feel hurt again.

But I was thinking about telling her, I am awkward because I had strong feelings for her, and I just felt hurt when she rejected me, and I found out about her boyfriend, and I was trying to stay friends, but my emotions have been up and down.

Then maybe she will tell her side of the story, she was being friendly, or maybe she even did actually like me for a while... and she will understand why I have been acting weird?

Will this give me closure? I know there is no way she would ever like me anyway after being so hot and cold ( She is single now)

I was just thinking, she might not know how deeply I felt about her, yes I asked her out, but that was it.

Do girls know when they hurt a boy?

I am really upset right now, I don't want to feel this way anymore, any advice people? Thank you


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  • Tell her how you feel! At least you will be able to move on..

    • Will I be able to move on after?

      What is she tells other coworkers? Or creates problems at work? Or gets an ego boost?

    • Once you find out how she feels, you should find it easier to move on, though it may be a bit awkward to begin with. It's something you two will have time discuss privately, and promise that neither of you will tell others. Does she seem like the kind of person to get an ego boost?

    • Yes, she seems like that type...

      I am not going to think about her, and If I get a chance I will talk to her about my feelings.

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  • Yeah talk to her, the worst she can say is no don't worry she's not going to murder you.


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