I really like this guy I've been dating for a month, should I stop seeing him (he seems less into me and I don't want to be hurt)?

I met a guy at a bar when I was pretty ill and not at my best 5 weeks ago roughly, but we spent the whole time laughing and talking. At the end of the night, he shyly asked for my number suddenly when I was about to go away, and then kissed me, he was evendently nervous and trying to impress me on subsequent dates. All dates went really well, and the physical aspect of the "relationship" is great too. However, I made the mistake of asking him if he wanted to (casually) come with me to my friends' wedding (he had been talking openly about his family, taking me places etc so I didn't think it would freak him out). But he said it really was not his thing, and frankly looked pretty scared. I feel like ever since (three days ago that was) he has not been texting me at length nor daily ( though he has texted but not a ton), and especially he has not talked about the next time we will see each other. He usually would make plans quickly after we'd seen each other.

I like him a lot, but do not want to involve myself with him if he will never develop feelings for me, because I like him more and more and already have a lot of feelings for him. (my last relationship I had almost no feelings after 6 months of dating). He's very cuddly and attentive in bed.

Should I continue seeing him or stop seeing him altogether?


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  • It doesn't hurt to give it some more time. It takes time for feelings to develop


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